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The Cube contains seven Raspberry-Pi 4. There are 6 workers and a head Node which is wired to a 7″ Rasperry Pi Touchdisplay. The Pis are connected to the managed Netgear switch GS108E-300PES. The lower Ethernet Port on the Back of the Cube is directly connected to the switch. The upper port is connected to the controller for the remote power management of the pis.

The Cube itself is powered with a single cold device cable plugged in on the back of the cube. The cube contains a 110 Watt 5V power supply to power the Pis and 12V power supply to power the integrated switch. In addition to it contains a specially designed circuit board to manage the power distribution to the Pis. It consists of an 8 port relay board and an Arduino Nano with an Ethernet shield. That makes it possible to control the power status of the Pis over the Network. In addition to that, it's possible to start the Pis with the button placed on the right side of the Cube.

Button functionality

Button activates on release and starts the Pis from top to bottom
< 1.5s : Turn next Pi on
1.5s - 5s : Turn off all Pis
> 5s : Reset Arduino

Remote Power Management#

A full explanation on how to control the functionality of the controller and how to access it over the network can be found over here.


There are multiple possible ways to put the Cube into operation. They are explained here.